About Ravy Salyka Cosmetics

Cambodian company Ravy Salyka Cosmetics awards

KZ Cambodia Skin Care Shop is proud to be an official seller of Ravy Salyka Cosmetics.  Ravy Salyka Cosmetics Co., Ltd., is a private limited company registered with the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce.

The company was started by owner Sa Lyka in 2012 when she was seventeen years old, with an initial investment of $300.  Ravy Salyka Cosmetics has now grown into a large business that helps other women earn a living and achieve independence. In 2019, the company was a winner at the Asean Best Seller Awards in Thailand. Sa Lyka said she started the company because she saw the market’s potential for Cambodians to live healthier with healthy beauty products designed for their lifestyle.  Through her business, she also wants to help other Cambodian women make a living on their own and develop their self-worth.

Ravy Salyka Cosmetics specializes in innovative skin care products that use natural remedies such as ginseng root and reishi mushrooms.  The products are formulated in South Korea and made in Thailand.  As a high-profile and transparent business, customers can be assured that Ravy Salyka products are safe to use and do not contain harmful chemicals, which is often a problem with less reputable Cambodian products.

One of the top-selling products at KZ Cambodia Skin Care Shop is the Korean Ginseng Cleansing Mask, which uses real ginseng root to revitalize the skin. Other recommended Ravy Salyka products include the Ginseng Whitening Body Lotion and the Reishi Mushroom Sleeping Serum & Eye Mask.

Ravy Salyka Cosmetics, Sa Lyka Owner and CEO